LATEST RELEASE: Xonotic 0.8.1 for Linux, Windows, and Mac

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No installation required, just unpack and run. Got questions? See the FAQ or live chat with us.

MD5: f7a9cd8ab68a00336acca164f983b569 Package size: 940M

Upgrading from an older version

Since Xonotic version 0.5 we’ve offered an auto-update tool that will seamlessly upgrade your client to the latest release, provided you’re using an official release or autobuild to begin with. You can find this tool in your Xonotic application directory. To use it, start by navigating to the misc->tools->rsync-updater subdirectory, then double-click (or otherwise execute in a terminal) the “” inside this directory. There is also a “update-to-release.bat” script for Windows users. This script will examine your installation and update only the files needed to bring your copy up to date using the “rsync” tool. In no time you’ll have a shiny new client with which to play!

Extra downloads

Download NetRadiant via HTTP Description: Official Xonotic map editor with all the required textures to create maps. The download only contains binaries for Windows and OSX, Linux users will need to compile from source- which is also provided in the package.

Lower quality download via HTTP Description: Release build with JPEG texture compression instead of using DDS textures compiled with S3TC. This build has smaller file size and has better support for opensource/legacy drivers, but the textures take slightly longer while loading the game.

Source download via HTTP Description: Source of all code parts (also included with the other downloads).

Our project page on GitLab

Older downloads

Download 0.8.0 via torrent (953M, md5: bc368e116a2502362e1d4f07d8f8efab) Download 0.8.0 via HTTP (953M, md5: bc368e116a2502362e1d4f07d8f8efab)

Download 0.7.0 via torrent (993M, md5: eda7e8acadbefaf4b2efcfb70bbe98e2) Download 0.7.0 via HTTP (993M, md5: eda7e8acadbefaf4b2efcfb70bbe98e2)

Download 0.6.0 via torrent (943M, md5: 2dac2c1ad4388255d3ad4d038dea3f77) Download 0.6.0 via HTTP (943M, md5: 2dac2c1ad4388255d3ad4d038dea3f77)

Download 0.5.0 via torrent (943M, md5: cdadb384ccf9cad926bb377312832c2f) Download 0.5.0 via HTTP (943M, md5: cdadb384ccf9cad926bb377312832c2f)

Download 0.1.0 via torrent (1.3G, md5: aafb43893aa66e01488c817e3a60d96d) Download 0.1.0 via HTTP (1.3G, md5: aafb43893aa66e01488c817e3a60d96d)