XonStat Records Its 100,000th Game!

It has been just over a year since XonStat recorded its first game. We’ve come a long way since those humble beginnings, so I’m very happy to announce that we recorded our 100,000th game this week! This wouldn’t have been … Continued

Much Ado About Elo

I’ve had several players ask me about how the ranking system for XonStat works. This is my humble attempt to do so. If you have any particular questions that aren’t answered here, ping me in the Xonotic IRC or forums … Continued

WoX-BloX Issue #1 – Developer news

Hello folks! So, as we’ve promised, here’s the first real issue of WoX-BloX! For those who’ve missed the good news, WoX-BloX translates to “World of Xonotic – Blogs”: an insider developer blog for the masses, so you don’t have to … Continued

Good news everyone!

Hello all! No, Xonotic 0.6 is not released yet. We have another kind of good news. Past experiences show, that while the development of Xonotic is constant and very fruitfull, it is not very transparent. We fully understand that reading … Continued

Xonotic 0.5 Release

Today we can bring you some great news, a brand new release of Xonotic! It has been quite a while since the 0.1 preview version, but we have made immense progress over the last few months. In this blog post … Continued