Xonotic Duel Commentary by Antibody

Hello folks! As you could read previously, there’s an online 1on1 tournament on the fly, organised by the [BOT] clan. The groups are already played out, and the combatants have moved on to the brackets stage (you can read about … Continued

WoX-BloX Issue #1 – Developer news

Hello folks! So, as we’ve promised, here’s the first real issue of WoX-BloX! For those who’ve missed the good news, WoX-BloX translates to “World of Xonotic – Blogs”: an insider developer blog for the masses, so you don’t have to … Continued

Global Gamers turns 5, celebrates with Xonotic!

Friday, 11/11/11, Global Gamers officially turns 5 years old! – On behalf of the entire Xonotic community, CONGRATULATIONS GLOBAL GAMERS! Global Gamers is an IRC network formed on a simple concept: gaming should be fun! To promote  that fun they … Continued

Xonotic Defrag Movies (XPM) by Justin

One couldn’t say that Justin has been resting on his laurels since the release of his previous Xonotic defrag movies. He’s now back with another visual masterpiece in the arts of bunnyhopping and strafejumping, with the musical tracks of Chooksta: … Continued

Deathmatchers – The Movie

We all knew this day would once come. We’ve been waiting for years, read numerous forum posts about it. Some gave up during the struggle, but others held their ground. However now… the wait is over… Ladies and Gentlemen… kojn … Continued